Beaver Ranch - 2022 Annual Membership

The best purchase you will make all year – unlimited access to the best mountain disc golf experience in Colorado. 

     A Beaver Ranch Annual Pass will provide you with unlimited access to Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course for the entire 2022 calendar year. That’s right, UNLIMITED access. You can come any day, for any length of time, as many times as you want, from the date of purchase through December 31st 2022.

     Beaver Ranch is comprised of two courses – our nationally ranked premier course, as well as a 20-hole putt and approach course – totaling 62 baskets spread out over a sprawling 60+ acres.

     As a valued supporter and core member of Beaver Ranch, along with unlimited course access to both courses, you will also receive:

  • 10% off of all merchandise at our on-site, fully stocked pro shop – we’re talking discounted discs (both new and used), bags, baskets, minis, hats, clothing, koozies, drinks, snacks… EVERYTHING.
  • Early access to limited release custom discs – small batch, one-time, limited runs of locally designed artist series discs will always be available to our annual pass holders first.

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     We also like to give away the occasional leaderboard prize and while anyone can submit a score to the weekly leaderboard, only annual pass holders can claim a prize. Shoot well, win a basket, that type of thing. 

Weekly basket rotations ensure a unique and varied experience for all skill levels


     As an annual pass holder, you will have the freedom to come and play either course anytime you want, and from May through October, our dedicated full-time course maintenance crew will change the basket locations every week on the premiere course.

     We update UDisc weekly and offer full color maps and scorecards at our pro shop to ensure the best experience possible.

     All 21 holes on the premiere course have up to four basket locations, guaranteeing that you are provided with a new and unique experience each week – ranging from the more docile beaver, all the way up to angry beaver; which consists of long and difficult everything - a chance to put your disc golf skills to the test.

A dedicated course maintenance crew will keep the course perfectly maintained and manicured for your disc golfing pleasure


     A full-time course maintenance crew will ensure that pristine course conditions are maintained all year long. If there isn’t snow on the ground, you can rest assured that we will be out there keeping the course looking nothing short of perfect.

     Even when there is snow on the ground, have no doubt, we will be out there, shoveling tee pads and benches.

     During peak season you can count on our course maintenance staff to:

  • Change basket placements weekly.
  • Weed whack and mow every single hole on the course all season long.
  • Take care of all trash and recycling – numerous trash and recycling receptacles are provided throughout the course, ensuring the forest and course are kept clean and safe for wildlife.
  • Make sure all tee pads, tee signs, 10-meter ropes, brooms, dog leash hooks, boundary lines and baskets are all maintained and in place.

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Stay healthy, boost your happiness, and improve your game


     The average round at Beaver Ranch will have you walking 2-3 miles, and that’s if you play just the premiere course, and if you play it well – tack on another couple of miles for multiple throws, lost discs, or even just good measure.

     A thoughtfully designed course layout will have you throwing, and hiking, from peaks to valleys, valleys to peaks, and everything in between; far more fun than any gym membership and the majestic views all throughout the course certainly don’t hurt.  

     Unlimited year-round membership access encourages more frequent playing, aids in improving your game and contributes positively to your physical fitness and overall health. Mountain disc golf is a challenging, unique and rewarding experience.

Become a member of the friendliest community in the world


     Disc golfers are a special type of person; something about throwing round pieces of plastic, in nature, brings out the best in a person. Who knew the key to happiness was as simple as beautiful views, access to the outdoors, exercise, and a skillful, challenging pursuit.

     Without a doubt, the nicest people you will ever meet will be on a disc golf course. The patrons of Beaver Ranch are one of the best examples of this, offering up a unique atmosphere of camaraderie, friendliness, kindness, community and sportsmanship.

     Disc golfers don’t care if you’re a seasoned pro or you’re playing your first round ever; everyone is out to have fun, enjoy the sport, soak up some nature, improve their game and be a happier person. Truly, the person who has the most fun wins.

     At Beaver Ranch, it is impossible not to have fun. Even when your disc is stuck in a tree, your sprits will be bolstered by the scenic views, friendly staff, professionally maintained fairways, and happy disc golfers from all over the country who will stop and throw rocks at discs stuck in trees with you.

Save money and enjoy unlimited access to the best mountain disc golf course experience in Colorado 


     An annual membership is by far the most cost-effective option for those who wish to frequent Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course. For a one-time cost of $100, you will receive unlimited access to one of the top courses in the world.

     People travel from all over the country just to play at Beaver Ranch, and as a pass holder you will be fortunate enough to play anytime you want, all year long. Many a disc golfer would be jealous of your opportunity.

     In order to keep Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course a pristine experience for all disc golfers, and to offer the benefits we do to our annual pass holders, we only sell 350 annual passes each year.

     Previous pass holders are always offered priority access to renew at a discounted rate.

     We have already sold a large portion of our passes so we encourage you to purchase your pass as soon as possible as we do sell out. Once you make your purchase, you too will receive priority access at a discounted rate the following year.

     Become the proud owner of a Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course Annual Membership today and enjoy unlimited, year-round access to the best mountain disc golf experience there is.

Purchase one full year of disc golf happiness today.


Membership spots do fill up quickly so we encourage all those who are interested to purchase as early as possible. 


     All of us here at Beaver Ranch DGC.


Looking forward to a great year of disc golf with you! See you on the mountain!